Savvy?…Thought Not.

Okay…stupid thing wouldn’t let me update yesteray, so I trying once again. 

In most countries, we all know the worse punishment for a offender: Capital Punishment, or Death Penalty. The term capital originates from Latin capitalis, literally “regarding the head” (Latin caput). Hence, a capital crime originally was to be punished by the loss of head. Nowadays, there are five main ways to kill someone according to the law system, which do not general end up with the peson’s head rolling around on the ground.:

-Lethal Injection
-Firing Squad
-Electric Chair
-Gas Chamber

Out of those five, the most currently favoured method these days is the Lethal Injection.  It is now the most common form of execution in the United States: every American execution in 2005 was conducted by lethal injection. Lethal Injection was introduced in the early 20th century, as a result of the other forms of captial punishment were considered less “humane”. 
Now, this is how the death is carried out. Firstly, the patient’s arms are strapped down, and swabbed with a medical sterilizer. Don’t ask me why the hell they do this, it’s not going to matter much if the persons gonna die anyway, so why bother with “disinfectant”?

Anyway, they stick two saline drips into each ar of the patient, attaching a heart monitor as well to tell whether the person has died or not.

The basic misture for the injection is this:


· Pancuronium: A basic chemical to relax most of the muscles in the body. If given too much, the body system suffers from a complete failure, leading to a very traumatic death.

· Potassium chloride: stops the heart, and thus causes death by cardiac arrest.

· Sodium thiopental: ultra-short action barbiturate, an anesthetic agent capable of rendering the person unconscious in a few seconds while the other two chemicals do their work. This doesn’t last very long, only 5-20 mins. So if your death takes longer than that, so sometimes the ‘patient’ is undergoing a complete lack of movement due to the drug mentioned above, and unable to cry out, or scream while the potassium chloride kills them brain dead. And they can feel every second of it. How lovely.

Now, generally, death happens to the poor person in about….seven to ten minutes.
Unless you’re one of the VERY unlucky ones, then you might hafta wait a bit longer. Lets say, two hours?


Now, this whole procedure with the Lethal Injection came on because the rest of the methods were considered “less humane”. 

Now I wonder, are we really being more humane by putting someone to death like a dog? Let’s think. How to we kill dogs? By injections. This particular form of killing is positively even more degrading than the other methods. No one wants to feel like a beast just before they are killed. At least when you’re getting hanged, or shot at, you have a certain level of dignity before you die. This one, you are forcibly restrained into your seat by drugs and straps, while you wait patiently for the chemicals to do their work in your body.

What do you think? Lethal injections, or something else? Or maybe just no death at all?

After all, it doesn’t solve anything. By killing the offenders, aren’t you degrading yourself down to a murderer as well? Have a think about it.





  1. interesting.
    i’d personally prefer to die by firing squad.
    actually, i might sound ignorant here, but why do they need a firing SQUAD when one bullet is enough to kill someone?
    i actually think death penalty is more humane than, say, life in prison.
    think about it.
    life in prison.
    for the rest of your natural life, you’re stuck. in prison. with a whole bunch of other criminals. and guards. both of which probably really don’t like you. and there’s no hope, you’re going to be stuck there for a matter of decades.
    unless of course you meet your death at the hands of your inmates beforehand.

    and as for the thing about killing the offenders… is it murder to “put down” a serial killer who’s taken the lives of innocent people? i really don’t think so.

    but then, there’s always those cases of innocents mistakenly sentenced as guilty…and such and such.

    • Death is too good for them. Given what they have done to their victims, death is too easy. Oregon has only had two executed in decades. They forced the state to stop their appeals. It was State Assisted Suicide.

      However, in answer to your confusion, a firing squad has several in it and one has a dummy load. This is so those who shoot the victimizer do not know who did not kill them. There is always a chance that the individual who did not shoot was him.

      Given what they have done to their victims, “poor person” is not a phrase I would have used.

      However, I do not believe in our criminal justice sytem or witness testimony or even forensics enough to believe in capital punishment, so how it is done is not the most important thing to me.

  2. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

    Tim Ramsey

  3. You have a point there. But think about it. The serial killers are already in prison. They can’t do any more harm, because most of them are on life sentences without parole.
    I still reckon life sentence is more humane. At least if you”re nice to ur roommate, they’ll be nice to you. At least I hope so.

  4. @Tim: Thanks for reading along! I hope you find my blog useful sometime later on, I will have new topics once every thursday. Keep checking back!

  5. Capital Punishment is one of those jumbled issues which isn’t right or wrong. Life sentence versus death. Depends on how you look at what is more humane, sometimes your whole life in jail…ouch. No freedom, no choice, no life. Is it really all that more humane then death? Death at least is just death, and you’ll die fairly quickly and painlessly. Er…hopefully. Although the thing is, no one can tell us if it IS painful as the people who have had lethal injections are kind of dead…but yes, it’s kind of undignified being strapped into the gurney and injected. But then, most death sentences might be sort of undignified…
    @Tian, if you’re nice to your roommate, they’re nice to you? Really now? Funny, as I would assume most of the life sentenced prisoners are people who have comitted murder of similar crimes, they wouldn’t be particularly NICE…
    @Rain, Firing squad is for just-in-case the shot isn’t fatal, the other bullets would hopefully kill the person. Oh since they’re all fired at the same time, it’ll be impossible to see who actually killed the person.

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