Dictating the Roles of Moths…

Btw, most of you will know by now, I will have completely retarded titles for my blog posts. Just because I feel like it, and they will be different.

Unles of course I go to somewhere eg: Like POTO stage show, then I’ll call it POTO stage show or whatever. Yea. Just so you know.

Okay…Yesterday was my IPT Prelim test….and I died. In a completely non-figurative way. Yep.
Very non-figurative. So screwed, I bet I’m gonna get ranked 2nd last or something….
My only hope is that Mr Boland marks REALLY easy on me. Cos I know I stuffed it badly….
*Prays to Allah for the best* 

Today was more fun I guess. We ad an Aboriginal dancer come and talk to us about his people and stuff. His name was…Phil Guyer (It’s pronouced that way, so I’m just assuming the spelling)
Man that guy was Funny. Big father, big brother, big sister XDD

Sure sure, venting space yeah…

What do you want me to vent ABOUT?

I mean, there’s so much things I can just rant off here, but then again, it wouldn’t be the least bit interesting to read. So I shall refrain myself today.

Since I have mentioned Allah, I might as well get one thing straight.

I do not believe there is a God, or Heaven. Which might be a bit weird, because I definitely believe in what most people call the “Devil“, and I know for certain that there is Hell.

You ask why, I can imagine. Well, I do not believe the fact that there is a God out there that takes it upon himself to be everywhere at once, and love everyone. Because if he did, then no one would be suffering out in the Third World countries.

And the whole crap about “God loves you UNCONDITIONALLY” ??? That’s exactly what I said it was. CRAP.
If God loved us unconditionally, then there wouldn’t be any need for us to attend mass, repent our sins, and listen to sermons on about how only when we say sorry, and then we will be forgiven.


To me, that seems like a hell of a lot of conditions. 

Whereas the Devil. He doesn’t need any conditions to accept you into Hell. It all depended on whether or not you were good on your own Accord. He doesn’t care whether you’re a saint, or if you prayed 3 times a day. 

Well then, lets say you’ve been a good person your whole life. Never smoked, killed anyone, stolen anything. And then we hit a snag: You’re Aethiest. Suddenly, you’re not that good a person in God’s book anymore. Therefore, you go to Hell. That’s right, apparently, the first circle of Hell is for the NON BELIEVERS.

Don’t you find that highly ironic?

Whereas Mr Lucifer down there, he doesn’t give a DAMN abot whether you believe in him or not, he accepts you anyway.


There. End of rant. Hope it wasn’t that big a waste of your time. Continue reading

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