Immortality? Pfft…

Okay, today I shall be giving you a overview of Quatum Suicide. Never heard of it? Well, you have now.

Quantum suicide is a thought experiment which has been independently proposed in 1987 by Hans Moravec, in 1988 by Bruno Marchal and in 1998 by Max Tegmark. The experiment essentially involves looking at the Schrödinger’s cat experiment from the point of view of the cat.

In this experiment, a physicist sits in front of a gun which is triggered or not triggered by radioactive decay. With each run of the experiment there is a 50-50 chance that the gun will be triggered and the physicist will die. If the Copenhagen interpretation is correct, then the gun will eventually be triggered and the physicist will die. If the many-worlds interpretation is correct then at each run of the experiment the physicist will be split into a world in which he lives and one in which he dies. In the worlds where the physicist dies, he will cease to exist. However, from the point of view of the physicist, the experiment will continue running without his ceasing to exist, because at each branch, he will only be able to observe the result in the world in which he survives, and if many-worlds is correct, the physicist will notice that he never seems to die.

Unfortunately, the physicist will be unable to report the results because, from the viewpoint of an outside observer, the probabilities will be the same whether many worlds or Copenhagen is correct.

Basically, every time the trigger is pulled, the universe slipts into two: One where the person survives, and one where he doesn’t. Tis keeps happening, but the person will only be able know what happens in the world where he IS alive, and so therefore, the theory, is still untested. Kinda gay, right?

This also can be tested for “Quantum Immortality”, but then again, nothing proves that you died or not, because your other dead body can’t tell you that. T.T

This theory can also be tested with time travel. Did you know that traveling around a black hole in the opposite direction it’s spinning will slow down time for you? Yes, this is actually a proven theory. If you travel around a black hole, and arrive back on earth, (disregard the distance between us and the nearest black hole) you will be almost 5000 years into the future. If you travel back around the black in the same direction as it spins, then you will travel past to present day. Works for past time travelling too. Cool, ain’t it? The sheer energy and gravity created by the black hole slows down any matter which comes close to it, which technically means that YOU inside your space ship will slow down, but the nrmal time doesn’t. That’s how it works.